Here is what I know of color moods: Everyone jump right on in!

My own use of ORANGE was, if I remember it – was an indication of a psychopathic personality. “If your neighbor’s garden makes use of orange, purple or black tones – I suggest MOVE!”

Purple is a great color with silver and gray — like the pink gardener, it may be a May to September relationship, but a lot more demanding of attention! There also is a regal element to the lover of the maroon and purple. I don’t care if you like it or not, I’m simply too elevated, too special to care.


White gardens, are making a popular comeback. They indicate a spacious and restful personality! East Coasters, often have white gardens – the Bostonian ‘proper’ thing.

These winter tones MAY go well with gray and green, but variegated guests are simply never invited into these beds. You will rarely see a ‘White Garden’ in California, the land of the far left, far right and the far out! Good places to visit white gardens are Monasteries or Abbey’s. Rock walls are often used to lock up these gardens, as well as the inmates!


Red and orange — Shout out, I’m a Sag. I’m a Leo. Pay attention to me! All red, orange and yellow loving gardeners make exciting companions. Enjoy them while you have them. Aries as well — all of us fire signs make hot and exciting flowerbed fellows. Exhilarating, commanding and exhausting to the mind, soul and the eye.

Yellow — Uplifting, cheerful and spiritual. These are souls that inspire a sense of wellbeing. The aconite and daffodil kind of friend. I guess they could be Gemini’s or even Aries. At least that is how I viewed my own Aries intersections. They always inspired and taught, and did so in a manner as to give the rest of us a sense of wellbeing … “probably because it is our heart center where our love and compassion is associated.” Darlene

Blue — These folks probably get along with (and actually need) the yellow crowd above. Serene like the water they seek to emulate. These water sign gardeners convey the serenity and calm of the lake. I tend to hate such gardens! In our gray northern skies, the blue garden is simply depressing! These Piscean gardeners definitely need a yellow partner. If they are really daring they shack up with the orange!
The ‘Ann LoveJoy’ Pastel Pinks Usually thought to be harmonizers — the peacemakers of the garden. I tend to view them as withholding pikers. As soul mates, they give some warmth, but not enough to want to be permanently planted next to them. They cuddle, foolishly thinking to suck out the more intense body heat of their partners! Big Mistake! One never plants the Pastel-Pink gardener with the Orange or the Red! Usually they will get consumed.

Sort of a May-September thing going on as well. These devotees of the pink only mix well with silver and gray. They demand and give some attention, but not much. The old duffer’s going to croak soon anyway.

And since we are mentioning the old duffer silver and gray. Holistic Health Darlene added “Silver & Grays – seem to go with everything, perhaps that is because that is the color of the aura nearest the body… it can blend with the other colors very well without interfering.”

As for the Green Garden?

The Chakras:

First Chakra: The base of the spine. This Chakra is associated with all red stones — RUBY, Coral, Garnet, Red Jasper and Bloodstone.

Second Chakra: The spleen and genitalia. Orange — Carnelian, FIRE OPAL, Opal and orange Jasper.

Third Chakra: The Solar Plexus. This charka is Yellow and gold/Yellow. Citrine and Amber. TOPAZ

Fourth Chakra: The Heart. This charka is green — Emerald green Tourmaline, Jadeite, Peridot, Moss Agate, Green Jasper, Malachite (EMERALD)

Fifth Chakra: The throat and communication. This Chakra is associated with all blue stones — BLUE SAPPHIRE, Lapis Lazuli, blue Topaz, TURQUOISE, Chrisocolia, and Aquamarine.

Six Chakra: The Third Eye. This Chakra is associated with all indigo stones. Sapphire, Azurite

Seventh Chakra: The crown. This Chakra is violet. Amethyst and Fluorite.

It is suggested to place all stones in sunlight from time to time. Cleansing and rejuvenation time.

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COLOR MOODS in the GARDEN — 2 Comments

  1. Maybe some truth in all this fun… I seem to tend towards yellow myself – the ones Mother Nature produces are perfect. But quite frankly, any colors She produces or combines is always seem perfect.

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