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To change your order, use the PayPal ‘Update’-button.

Due to PayPal’s inability to handle and charge appropriate fees for multiple combinations ** I decided to re-edit all my listings to a ‘plant cost only’. At the bottom of each listing page will be three shipping alternatives. [wpepsc name=”Single purchase” price=”7.95″]

One of these must be chosen before I can ship.[wpepsc name=”Single purchase” price=”7.95″]1 plant (Single purchase) $7.95

4-6 plants (Med. flat rate) $12.50 [wpepsc name=”Medium flat rate box” price=”12.95″]

6-9 plants (Lg. flat rate) $16.95 [wpepsc name=”Large flat rate box” price=”16.95″]

All plants can be picked up at my place given notice.

The Sequim growing season commences early and I can normally ship from mid-March through early November. Trees, shrubs and some perennials are best shipped during the later dormant season. Extreme weather conditions should be kept in mind before ordering.

By combining more plants you will save on a flat rate cost.  All plants can be picked up at my place given notice.

Happy Gardening in 2015…Herb


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