Hives and their Astrological Sign

Understanding the Astrological significance of your beehive. When was it born?


Two very different exposures to those in the Apiary business led to this post. There are many different opinions in the beekeeper’s world, but to hear from one that in winterizing hives all bees are the same. I disagreed stating some of the obvious. Italians raise brood differently than Caucasians or Carniolans They also shut down differently and have different robbing behaviors. Most of all, my hives have taught me that there is far more to beekeeping behavior than we mere mortals may ever understand, and humble learning comes most quickly when we make mistakes.

Paying attention and communicating with hives or pets teaches that they are all different. Some swarm more, others are genetically prone to robbing and some hives are forgiving of our trespasses and others are not.

As my friend Lori pointed out her dog ‘Honey; is a fun-loving dog, but has to have her way and she NEVER wants to be left out. Her older dog also requires attention, but of a different sort. She makes sure to get them what they need to be happy and healthy. Sometimes hives seem to fit into certain niches no matter how evenly we treat them.

So just as Astrology has answers for every dating question. Who Is the perfect match, will it work out? I propose that hives have temperaments and I playfully suggest that some fit the astrological models of relationships. Some are blue, some are easy and sublime.

Check your bank statements and see when you last splurged with a large package or nuc hive purchases. Generally, they are in the Spring to Summer of the year. If you struggle with bookkeeping and or remembering things, you can always take a guess and decide your hives astrological sign by its personality.

Since I am a Sagittarian: the best sign of all I will try to focus on the Sagittarian hive as it is an energetic but fiercely LOVING Fire sign hive and not one of those moody, emotional and clinging water afflicted hives. Some Earth signs are a mite easier but can need constant coaxing to get them out of their stubborn hives. For the time being we will leave aside the swarming issues of the Gemini hive which takes to the air with Warre a reason.

Understanding and hiring a hive whisperer who understands the astrological needs for your hive may make their care easier. Forget the bee club mentor, hire a bee astrologer. We will get into sugar crystals and healing later.


Generally, swarms begin in March and end by September. Aries to Libra. As you may surmise there would be few October/November  SCORPIO hives, but who would want those nasty ever fickle Scorpion bees?

Sadly, that might also preclude my own favorite sign. Sagittarius.


Or do we? One must also consider that hives are gifted and bought all the time, so off-season hives might well include the Sagittarius Bee hive. I will now examine what a Sagittarian hive might be like, but as I am painting bottom boards, at least one should COLOR or paint the hives harmoniously to fit the sign. The best hive colors for this traveler would be Orange, Yellow and Pink. Think Hindu Indian when you paint your beehive.


Zodiac signs Dates Symbols Elements
Aries March 21 – April 20 Fire
Taurus April 21 – May 20 Earth
Gemini May 21 – June 21 Air
Cancer June 22 – July 22 Water
Leo July 23 – August 22 Fire
Virgo August 23 – September 22 Earth
Libra September 23 – October 22 Air
Scorpio October 23 – November 22 Water
The SAGITTARIAN hive has been portrayed as someone wandering and ready to roam to the next tree but truth be told, once fixed in an Apiary they are good-natured and not prone to sting. Unlike Leo hives they are also very unassuming and not really minding sloppy or goofy upkeep of the hive. They do not, NOT need perfection. Heck some of mine are living in strange mixtures of Warre and Langstroth. Some are not even level. It matters not, the Sagittarian hive accepts the Beeks clumsy attempts to make good. They are lovers and will develop a strong relationship with their keeper as long as they take the time to talk and meditate with them every day.

The ARIES hive is always on the go, be it pollen or nectar grabbing they will be first on the flower and they are energetic, dominant and somewhat territorial. So space this hive away from the others. I dos suggest suiting up when dealing with this hive. They need to know how is boss. I suspect that the first totally mite free hive might be an Aries one as they will have learned how to chew their legs off.

The VIRGAN hive is an Earth based hive. Once accepting their owner they expect routine and dependable care. You will rarely see crazy or bridge comb in their hives as they are so damn neat and orderly. Compared to the roaming Sagittarian bees these guys do not swarm very much and stay at home. The down side is that they expect a great deal of attention and DEMAND their hives be well painted and kept up. Sugar dusting with essential oils is quietly accepted as they like to be clean. Virgans often become the best Survivor hives as should the Beek fail to keep up they will quickly be told. “I want more attention or more FOOD!”
The LIBRA hive is a clever one and is one that will communicate its needs. Beekeepers who do not listen the daily gossip and chatter will miss out. They will do much with visual clues to inform you what is wrong. Usually mild mannered hives they can become a bit cranky if they are not catered to. So if they want sugar water or a patty treat, give it to them. They don’t appreciate their homes being popped open so the normal inspection routine may not work. The Libra Hive, simply is a world to itself. Don’t bother me. I am regal!

The Scorpio hive is one I would not even think about!!!

Mind you as a beekeeper I am also fascinated by other insects. Some who are quite cannibalistic and have some rather rough sex, as do the bees!!! 

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