Nov.madrockThe Plant Liberation Front demands an end to taxonimism, (an end to discrimination on the basis of phyletic origin.) We demand an extension of the constitutional right of due process to all forms of life; no organism shall be deprived of life, liberty, or habitat without due process of law.

1. Research institutions must end all experiments on plants immediately. All experimental plants must be transplanted to a suitable habitat and allowed to grow unmolested. All plant tissue cultures must be placed in an appropriate medium for differentiation, and the resulting plants transplanted to a suitable environment.

All DNA and RNA gene splicing between animal species and the plant kingdom must end.

2. All lawn mowing and tree trimming must be put to an end. Stop this senseless sapshed immediately! Its only function is to forcibly impose on plants the aesthetic values of Western human culture and to satisfy anal retentive behavior.

3. All restaurants and food outlets must end cruelty to food plants. All food plants must be killed humanely and the brutality of salad bars must be ended: every day I must watch innocent plants being peeled alive, sliced alive and put out to be eaten alive. Microwaving the skin off some fruits is simply barbaric.

4. All bureaucracies, including government must abolish hard copy paperwork. Go digital. This will save the lives of countless millions of trees

5. With the anniversary of the emancipation proclamation some 150 years ago plants must also be liberated from human oppression, but they must also evolve to end internal oppression from thousands of years of learned behavior. Like gender equality we must end apical dominance. We also demand equality of genes: the abolition of the dominant recessive relationship or the new tetraploid genomes.

The Plant Liberation Front envisions a world in which all genes, all cells, all organisms have the freedom to develop to their full potential, a world free from phyletic chauvinism. To bring this about, a radical legasl, institutional and biological reform is needed. This change must begin in our daily lives.

(Authorship has been a shared and sometimes denied project mid-1980’s.)

Source: Chemtech, July 1991.




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“As the flowers age they dump their seed near the base of the plant, so when you have enough babies, a little horticultural circumcision does the trick … of course now that we’re headed toward nationalized plant care, why should you worry how many babies you have?”
I don’t expect or even want a response, but I had to point out how tacky I think it is to have political slants on a plant shopping site? Ugh ugh ugh. So my response was to close the tab of my shopping cart. I’ll seek bipartisan plants elsewhere

“Pear Murder!” when seeing an espaliered pear tree, or “Boxwood Murder” when seeing a perfectly square hedge, or “Loropetalum Murder” even tho it shears off the blossoms, and so on and so on and so on.

I could find nothing on the internet that indicated that the unfortunate practice of severely pruning Crape Myrtle trees actually harmed them. We see very old trees here in the Lowcountry which continue blooming reliably every year, even after being docked year after year.

I don’t happen to find docked Crape Myrtles particularly attractive, but that’s me. I am not so arrogant that I would accuse people who don’t agree with me of murder!

And comparing pruning a Crape Myrtle to waterboarding? Really! What is “out of whack” is this comparison. Even tongue in cheek, this goes too far.

The Vegetable Rights Militant Movement (VRMM) is a nationally active, grassroots, vegetable liberation and defense organization. The VRMM differs from other vegetable activist organizations in that it really does all that it can to stop people from torturing, killing, humiliating, and ultimately eating vegetables and fruits.

The VRMM has grown from a small group to a large, multi-national militia that fights unceasingly for the liberties of each and every fruit and vegetable. There are plenty of people to look out for animals already (and animals are not innocent – they kill just as many plants as humans), but fruits and vegetables have only recently had humans on their side, thanks to the VRMM.

cornhuskerVRMM members have chained themselves to hay bailers, corn huskers, and tree shakers to voice their opposition of the legality of these torture devices. Other members have staged sit-ins at local produce sections of supermarkets, chanting “veggie-killer” at anyone who picked up vegetables for purchase.

Fruits and vegetables have been victims of cruelty throughout all recorded history. Humankind’s so-called advancement into agriculture was also it’s moral demise. Once people began farming crops they sold their souls to the god of violence.

The good news is that you can join the fight to stop vegetable cruelty by sharing this information with friends and family, as well as making a sizeable donation to the cause.

brutalized carrotsThe Vegetable Rights Militant Movement (VRMM) began in 1977 when a young lad refused to eat pureed carrots, mushed bananas, what was reported to be apples of some sort, and other sundry produce items stuffed into jars.

Vegetable abusers all over the world have been paying attention to the protestors affiliated with the VRMM. We know how to get our point across and will stop at nothing to see even one more fruit or vegetable live a happy, normal life.

How do you know plants don’t suffer when you eat them?

Coming to the corollary of the statement “if you love them do not eat them”, it also implies the opposite: “if you do not love them, you can eat them”.

If you look at humans, pain is chemical-electrical reaction that moves the organism away from something. Now you don’t eat other humans, because you assume that they are like yourself. The more similar they are to you, the more you like/protect them. You also don’t eat animals, because you assume animals feel pain just like you do and thus they’re similar to you.

However, as a vegetarian, you eat plants, because you assume they don’t feel pain. However, what if what a plant experiences when you eat its leaves is much worse? It’s living after all, you know… it might not be the same pain as you feel, but it can be quite bad for it.

With vegetarian logic, you shouldn’t eat bacteria either, or kill bacteria, because they might suffer. Oh wait, so you say killing bacteria and plants is ok, but animals not? Then you sir are an species racist, That’s right you are a racist. On behalf of plants and bacteria and all living things, I’m protesting against your treatment. What’s more you should tell your white blood cells in your body to stop killing all those bacteria right now, because it’s MURDER. So you’d better turn off your immune system now if you don’t want to sound like a hypocrite.

vegetarians… LOL


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  1. Quit being stupid plants don’t have feelings their meant to be eaten and if eating plants is a crime animal being eaten is one to so what do we eat then hmmm

    • Not exactly true. Plants do communicate and they even share resources (or obstruct them) to other plants. Trees often share nutrients to others even not of their own species. I only wish we human monkeys did the same, but we look at skin color, religion or even politics to devalue. Trees live on a longer time frame and who knows what they are thinking?

  2. One day we will be able to grow food in vats at a large scale, just cells, no neurons, brains, etc to allow for consciousness to develop, so no suffering in plants or animals. Then we could feed the animals the vat grown food so that they wouldn’t kill each other, and done. At this point, the vat grown food would be even purer than the best food we have today, just look at the FDA food defect levels handbook to find out how impure and tainted food is! 15 grams of dried mushrooms are allowed to contain “20 maggots of any size”, which means that if the maggots were large enough, the FDA allows dried mushrooms to be more maggot than mushroom! Think about that for a second! And no, eating insects would be even worse than our current factory farming, as now many times more innocent creatures would be dying for our dietary preferences. We should try our best to research and develop vats that can produce cruelty free food on a large scale. And don’t forget, don’t mistreat the workers! And no, mistreating AI when it/he/she/other new gender/designation that said AI identifies with becomes sentient is a big no no, it is extremely cruel, just as bad as human slavery, and slaves rebel, so huge problem.

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