TREE OF LIFE – Explore this amazing tool

A friend introduced me to a Tree of Life program.
This is a GREAT demonstration tool for exploring relationships on the tree of life – click on Human, Honey Bee or your favorite plant ‘you will be totally reminded how insignificant we really are in the vastness of the living world’, yet so firmly entwined.

“The tree of life shows how all life on earth is related each leaf represents a different species. the branches show how all these species evolved from common ancestors over billions of years.”

After the screen pops up and loads, you’ll be met with a representation of the tree of life. Pick your favorite insect, say “Western Honey Bee” or the later evolving Mantis and select from the drop down menu, then hit return. (The return stops the scrolling.) You then hit the side menu to where the species is located.
It also works for plants, throw in ice plant or Venus fly trap and off you go. This is an awesome tool.
You can further explore by zooming in and out as you would use an online map.



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