Herb’s Drone Stud Farm for Hire

For beekeepers with unfertilized Queens, seeking Male Sperm. Strong sperm. Good genetics and local upbringing with no history of any kind of abnormalities.
Herb’s Stud farm offers Caucasian dark genes, Gray bodies, long tongues and a huge and elaborate endophyallus always early to rise.  

Most beekeepers may wait weeks, sometimes even months for proper fertilization in unmentionable speakeasies in the sky. Before you do that, you might want to shoot me an email instead. Fertilization Guaranteed or a fine burial for your Queen. $150.00.

We can meet and talk to see if this is right for you. Bring your bee suit and you can meet my beautiful healthy boys for comparison. No Chippendales here, these guys are ready for the make. Again, these are not Viagra medicated. We believe this is very important for natural ejaculation. Who knows the long term effects of all these thymol or other things like quick strips.
We offer natural unenhanced males and before you think of frivolous things like incest lawsuits, full disclosure is given that these guys have the same mother and she too may have gotten around. That said, we have 12 drone ready hives so if you have a female needing multiple penetrations this is the place to go. Please remember, that if yours  is very voracious it may cost me 20 drones to satisfy just one customer.

Put an end to your chaste queen who is probably crawling the wall. April is the perfect time for a hookup at a discreet tumble at the Wright Road Drone Congregation Bar. “Lets get Polyandric!” Write Lonely Drone @Jolly Gray Dwarfs, Sequim.

With regard to animals, a mating system wherein a female mates with more than
one male but a male mates with only one female.
Hair color: lead-grey
Tongue length: up to 7.3 mm
Gentle and calm
though they can get sticky some time.







The Drone Bee and His Date With Destiny –

“TODAY’S THE DAY!” the drone bee squealed as he woke up that fateful summer morning. He’d made trips to drone congregation areas before, hoping to meet his lovely.


Here is an alternative view of the drone issue and Varroa. Could worker bees actually be more of a problem, especially when cannibalizing and removing infective larvae?

Many things I thought I knew were partially incorrect or completely wrong. Mite issues congregating on adult drones now makes that list. Be it ticks, mosquitos or mites when they feed on a host they can pass on viruses. This can be as simple as in the oral exchange of food to larvae, which is what the recipient worker bees do. Not drones.

Deformed wing virus is more frightening than one can imagine. Beginning in the fifties Varroa has now spread globally and to my understanding all the “hygienic breeding” done to control it have failed. Most importantly Varroa mites thrive in these dense honey bee populations. Comparisons to plague population losses in the middle centuries is not far off.

Pathogens either kill or debilitate us. Only beekeeping vigilance will save our hives. Letting nature take its course will not. Consider going to your health practitioner and discussing your personal mite malady. His answer:

This affliction will shorten your life. No doubt about it.  Deformities may appear that make you function poorly.
Your parasite may vector in more viruses and these can be transmitted through multiple routes within your home including food exchanges. ‘Your foraging/income ability will be reduced and will lead to fewer nurse/staff bees left to carry on the household. 

Stop killing drones with the expectation that this is your Varroa mite solution. Young worker bees are equally tasty and vulnerable especially at the two and three day stage. Drones are a far lesser percentage of the population and take much longer to mature.

(C) Herb Senft March, 2022

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Herb’s Drone Stud Farm for Hire — 2 Comments

    • I edited it to my place Greg. Just making a comment on all the spurious and questionable scams going on in the bee business. 29.95 monthly charges to ask questions of an ‘EXPERT’ who has no credentials save for reading Natural Beekeeping or Keeping Bees with a Smile: No serious beekeeping classes, be they Journeyman or Master.
      There are times when all one can do is stand still and breath for the miracle hardware or hive management tools available to
      deal with Varroa. There are NO silver bullets when it comes to Varroa save for weekly due diligence if trying for ‘natural’ HA, controls. Even with time extended release oxalic pads one needs to work the hives monthly. Phone call or email advice to your hives is a JOKE!!! Unfortunately they are ever expanding. Do not join a bee club, do not read books or articles, just subscribe to a YouTube expert.

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