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Welcome to Sequim Plants – formerly Skyline Nursery – no Mail-order

This is the website of a former nursery in the town of Sequim, WA.

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A brief exploration of what I have to offer.

 closeup of cow parsnip
As a retired Nurseryman who loves plants, bonsai and propagation I welcome you to my online store and hope you will find a way to visit the premises. As Skyline Nursery I have been growing and propagating plants locally since 1982 and hopefully I am starting to get the hang of it. The ‘article’ content of this website are mostly mine and sometimes involve a bit of humor.

EDIT ON Christmas Day 12/24 17 after a message I received.

“I wanted to visit your nursery and drove by 1080 hendrickson – looks like the property is overgrown and vacant…i saw some cacti and sedum, etc…who owns that property now?  are the plants available for me!!!  i was hoping i’d be able to chat with you about the beautiful native plants and rock gardens)”  

To explain, and perhaps be a bit offended. The Nursery is closed, dead, finished, KAPUT – The neglect is a result of near a decade of ever-increasing disabilities which I have been dealing with. Last summer I FINALLY felt well enough to work on my barn. Serious work. Painting, wiring and the laying in of new doors and windows. This place is NOT vacant, it simply has suffered for want of helpful friends. 

With a stroke or ‘Whatever’ I have – Three Dr’s say “I have no clue” and it took five months to finally get referred to a neurologist who feared I had a stroke. An exercise appointment  finally made. Ten years ago I suffered the freezing up and mobility loss of my left arm. Heck – I adapted. Was a one armed gardener. Now with my entire  right side messed up I have to acknowledge that the Almighty has finally sledge hammered me into realizing– NO more Nursery.

There are no plants available here, the site remains open for INFO only, but do not come here looking for plants at a distress sale price. Have had to deal with that before. 

This site hopefully will remain helpful and perhaps a reflection to all who will fall into my shoes.  I am most proud that I had time to do a lot of rock work as shown in a Riverine Garden.  A landscape I did based on a river and a very Zen like employer. Do check out the description of its winter construction. I miss Jim very much – things would be different had he lived.

Thank you for visiting. Another Nursery wrote “We can only scratch the surface of all the world offers”… Be it in relationships or in the things, we love, some scratch harder and more often than others and I have always remembered thanking a ‘master’ for his enlightenment. Jim responded, grinning “It’s not enlightenment if it is not confusing.”

Looking back at this old page – that is so very, very true.

“How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
to rust unburnished, not to shine in use.”

On my Google+ blog I wrote: The gardens that we plant and nurture are a good reflection of the health and depth of our hearts and souls. In a time of proxy wars and increasing tensions between east and west we should reflect how much better co-operation works. Communities and nations are also like gardens. Some are naturally better endowed, others are better planned and some shine more brightly simply because they began with less and had to struggle. All however, need to be fought over in the most constructive sense of the word. …

We seem to garden with ego’s and agendas rather than realizing that the earth we share should ever be preserved by hard tilling and the investiture of sweat and labor towards later and greater rewards . Investments that our children will be reaping long after we’re gone … and in that sense the garden provides one with immortality stretching out to future friends yet unknown who in their own ‘circle’s-turn will take wonder at all you’ve done.  I will post the rest on my About Me page.
I continue to enjoy the response and all the contributions from my former customers and friends – thank you! My Recipe Pages spiced with Politics and Genealogy are here.

(C) Herb Senft 2015  Edited and Nurserycided on 2017

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SEQUIM PLANTS – a West Coast Plant Site — 12 Comments

  1. Browsing around on Sequim Plants – I really like it. Lovely photos and interesting content. I look forward to read more on this site. Thank you for adding my link.
    /Charlotte – My Green Nook

    • Thank you Charlotte,
      I have taken a respite from the blog and have begun identifying plants I have for sale. Should we ever get out of this river of rain I should be okay.
      A rise in daylight hours means very little if there is no light or heat degree temperature associated with it. Very damp and gray. May The Green Nook prosper.

  2. Hi …

    I doubt any of my cactus are going to disappear soon and they are shippable. The large Opuntia could have pads removed (cuttings made) to fit a large or medium size flat rate box. Four pads per box. This would have to be a separate ship as they would be heavy and would crush the smaller ones. Those could easily go into smaller boxes. Mind you, shipping would be REGIONAL so regular mail would be fine and very affordable.
    Thinking that over (and after my first cup of tea) I could also bare root some of the larger ones and ship them intact. A three to ten pound box Regional Rate Box B would be 6.16 to Tacoma. Even a larger box of 16 inches by 10×10 would be $12.12. One – two day delivery. So far I could not find a regular postage rate, but my zip code is 98382.
    Sorry, I do not get in the traveling mood often and am mulling over a trip (ferry) to Stanwood to buy some Sarracenia from someone. Might have to work on car first.


  3. “I moved to Sequim a few weeks ago and would like to acquire a sequim cactus. I was wondering if you have any you would be willing to sell or know where I can find one.”
    Thank you, Bruce.

    I replied:
    Yes I do, albeit the naming of “Sequim cactus” is a bit pretentious by the locals. It can be found in Pt. Townsend and the San Juan Islands as well

  4. I am interested in ordering plants that would not only produce beautiful foliage but also survive in southern California. Can you please email me with options.
    Thank you

    • I have given up on mail order and dealing with phyto requirements for CA simply is too expensive for me to deal with. May I suggest you consult a great book by Jones and Sacamano ‘Landscape Plants for Dry Regions’ and look for a decent local nursery that may be willing to special order items they may be unfamiliar with.
      In my experience L.A. area had really crappy nurseries not much better than box stores. You might be as well off dealing with Universities that deal with horticulture. Many of them have active plant sale areas, or if not have annual plant sales. Arboretum and Garden Club sales are also a good way to find unusual plant material.
      Finally, just do a walk about and if you see an outstanding garden take the time to stop, compliment them and ask questions. Often you might get a plant start or cutting that way.

    • Another customer asked a similar question – and I added a further explanation.:
      “And by cistus do you mean Rockrose” YES!
      Usually these lovelies are bush form and vary in foliage form. although there is also a rare form called Cytisus battandieri that actually can become a small tree. Wonderful pineapple fragrance!
      Certainly a plant to obtain.
      Rockrose and Sunrose. Somewhat confusing.
      Helianthemums are but one member of the Sunrose family which belongito Cistus – actually Cistacea. ALL are Northern hemisphere plants and the name .Helianthemum is from the Greek helios suggesting sun and anthemon meaning flower.
      I play an Internet game under that name and it seems everyone assumes I am a SHE as they believe the ‘Helian’ refers to Helen. 🙂
      What is interesting are the many new inter-specie crosses that would also include the Halimium family.- (False sunrose) These have been crossed to make a lovely hybrid.. Halimiocistus wintonensis ‘Merrist Wood Cream’
      Old price indeed!
      Near all are Mediterranean plants and as such should be grown with that climate in mine.”

  5. Looks good!

    Thanks David, still working on my health issues. Finally got the doctor to approve of a metal screen of my blood to add to the batch of others.

    “How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
    to rust unburnished, not to shine in use.”

  6. Herb – Hi! Just discovered your web site. Brief introduction – I am from Clallam Bay, but spent over 2 decades exiled in New Mexico. Worked for many years as a professional botanist (I have a MS in Botany from WSU). Now I live near Chimacum and am setting up a test garden to find out which cacti will take our cool, wet climate. Do you still have any of the Sequim Opuntia available? Plants and/or cuttings would be fine. During the quarantine we travel to Sequim every other Friday for supplies so I could pick them up. Would plan on buying one of everything you have left if possible. Let me know!

    Thanks, Mark Peterson

    • Hi Mark,

      Yes, I have plenty of them, including one mother plant that is HUGE!!! You simply have to see it. Think I have many Opuntia and other cactii that will survive here in SEQUIM. In Chimacum you will need to plant them on the Easterly side of a building under the eaves (Wind and rain issue.) Or mulch well with course gravel in a fast draining raised bed.

      Come visit!!!

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