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These are links to other sites and since I am a plant lover and gardener I also thought a few weather related links would be appreciated. If you have others to offer, please let me know. There are many garden resources and nurseries throughout the world and there is an abundance of information online. Begin by using the following resource links to learn more about plants and ideas. You may just discover a lifetime love for gardening and horticulture.



Ancient trees a photographic delight – link
Biodiversity loss
California’s strawberry industry is hooked on dangerous pesticides
Earth Matters
Parakeets invade London
Insecticides harming bees in EU.
Mexican Megafarms Supplying U.S. Market Are Rife With Labor Abuses
More on the  bee crisis
The Man from Monsanto – World food prize

Trees keep the desert at bay
Water depletion. Aquifer map for the world.
Green Burial options
Western Hills Nursery-memories of two giants

Western Hills Nursery – Marshall Olbrich and Lester Hawkins
Health Benefits of |Gardening for Older Adults

Other Plant links:
Olympic Wildflowers. Fantastic Images.
Google images. Web search for photographs.
GRIN. Taxonomical details, with common names, distribution, and synonyms.
The Plant List. Taxonomical lookup

Dave’s Garden PlantFiles – Profile page with horticultural basics, and member-contributedphotos and comments.
Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – Plant description and characteristics with notes on distribution, culture, and propagation
Turner Photographics – Profile of wildflower of the US Pacific Northwest, with botanical description, habitat and distribution, and photo gallery
Washington Native Plant Society – Photo and brief description

 SUNNYFARMS a fantastic Sequim grocery and nursery store’
Nash’s Organic Produce in Dungeness WA.

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  1. I wanted to thank you for the pesticide information you have put together on your web page: …The other morning I found a hurt owl in my yard, rolling around on the ground. I called animal control and once they took the owl, they called me about a day later to let me know the owl had suffered from pesticide poisoning. (I was so sad!) After finding out what happened to the beautiful creature, and seeing first hand how dangerous these pesticides really are, I was pretty scared. I decided to go on line and look up some information to make a guide for my students/faculty in hopes to educate others. (I have since thrown out anything in my garage that contains toxic ingredients!)

    Your page led me to some helpful information on pesticide poisoning. I had also found this page ( that covers all the negative aspects of gardening with pesticides, like how harmful pesticides are for your water/food, the dangers towards humans lives and wildlife, and a lot more! I think it would be a great addition to include on your page, if you wanted to add it! I really hope I can teach people how bad this stuff really is and help keep the wildlife alive!!
    Kate Carpenter

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