What’s new with you?

Whats new with you  (garden wise or other)  is a great opener for this New Year. You see, two dear gardening friends just chucked their homes ‘cashed out’ so to speak.
Was wondering. Now what?” Where do I invest that loot?

My own pessimism about the next four years is so great that I figure that not only the 99% of us,  but even the 1%  will need extra doses of Xanax, to cope or am I all wet? Let the polls begin.

sell everything(Tried to put in a poll but failed.  My options were.)

Banks will Fail, my mattress will not.
Gold and Silver and all that glitters.
Gold and Silver and all that glitters.
Trust my politicians to add a tranquilizer for every vote.
Muddle on paycheck to pay check.

With oil prices declining to the point of bottled water, some countries dependent upon that revenue are seeing their currencies decline, if not collapse. Canada is a case in point. Once on par with the US dollar it now has gone below .70 cents.
I might attribute that to its being known as the ‘loonie’ but it is a factor of being a resource driven economy and reflective of some distrust of the new labor government.

Here in the USA we complain about the cost of food and household staples but it is nothing compared to our northern neighbor which in its infinite stupidity imports some 80 percent of its fruits and vegetables. Cucs at 3.00 ea and cauliflower or bell peppers at over $5.00 make a buck a banana not unlikely.
Lower income families suffer the most and I am concerned about this happening in the States. Our own political nightmare is yet to unfold and if our economy goes on the skids it will probably advance the chances of both ‘outsiders’ Trump and Sanders.
How the market and the Congress will respond to this slap in the establishment face remains to be seen. IMO the do-nothing group we have now will look like virtuosos of accomplishment compared to what either of those two will face if elected.

Note, I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and being of that lower economic strata I am grateful that I have an acre of land, am a gardener and know how to grow my food. My investment for the future will be poly film and PVC pipe to build more food producing greenhouses.

I propose the rest of you start thinking of ripping out those lawns and returning to the ‘Victory Gardens’ of WW11.

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