Plants starting with the letter R

Plants will vary in price and container size Some will only be available during dormancy – late Fall or early Spring — and will be updated this winter. Seed or plant exchanges are always welcome!

Due to PayPal’s inability to handle and charge appropriate fees for multiple combinations I decided to re-edit all my listings to a ‘plant cost only.’  At the bottom of each listing page will be three shipping alternatives.

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brazen hussy
Ranunculus ficaria ‘Brazen Hussy’ goes dormant during the summer – a serious problem in the garden bed that continues to get over fertilized (article) Brazen Hussy has dark bronze foliage with brassy yellow flowers. Suitably showy for a plant introduced by Christopher Lloyd. Jan-March. Pops up, struts its stuff and disappears. Sun or part shade. Any not too dry soil. Ht. 2 “. Sp. 16”.
Hardiness Zone 5-9  3 ” pots $10.00   
Rhodanthemum hosmariense2
 Rhodanthemum (Chrysanthemopsis)  hosmariense (Mt. Atlas Daisy) Nice one gallon plants will provide you with masses of blooms from spring to fall.  Large yellow-eyed daises dance atop silver-grey foliage. This is one of my ten top rockery plants.  Zn 8  $15.00  SOLD OUT
  Rhodohypoxis baurii (Stargrass) Is an enchanting small plant (bulb) originating in S. Africa. They form colorful carpets of flowers and thrive in rocky well drained places and their small grass-like leaves resemble a small blooming lawn. Sale selection from three cultivars is now down to the pink form. All are in full bloom! Next year my collection will have some 12 different cultivars. . The plant is rarely offered and is often used as an accent in the bonsai trade.  (Keep on dry side in winter and protect from mice!) Zn 8  3.5 inch pots $15.00   
 rosa rubrifolia
Rosa glauca (rubrifolia)  Blue leafed Rose, sun/psh, Z5, The leaves are blue purple in full sun, softening to grqay green of mauve green in shade. Almost thornless reddish violet stems hold single clear pink flowers. Large red hips in fall. 4 inch pots $5.00   


Romneya coulteri. A much admired, spectacular, shrub-like perennial, with a long history in cultivation. Can be both finicky to get going and extremely vigorous once established. The large flowers are made up of crinkly, crape paper-like, white petals with a shaft of yellow stamens in the center, at the top of long, gray-foliaged stems.

The Matilija Poppy is a beautiful spring flowering plant that reaches 3′-5′ high and spreads to 8′ or more, growing from rhizomes. Gray-green foliage provides a back-drop for the spectacular spring flowers that can reach 6″ across.

one gallon pots $15.00  . 

rubus calcyinoides 
Rubus calycinoides ‘Emerald Carpet’)  Vigorous evergreen ground cover with handsome  heavily textured lobed leaves.  Forms a durable and adaptable weed smothering mat 6 inches to 1 ft. tall by 6 ft. wide.  Small white flowers are pretty but nothing to write home about.  Best with part shade, moderate to occasional watering. 3″ pots $5.00 SOLD OUT 
Rubus `Heritage` Red raspberry with flavorful fruit, producing one crop in mid July & another in early September. Flesh stays firm even when over-ripe. 1 gallon pots $5.00 ‘Fall Gold, also available as are a few others.



Rosularia chrysanthaRosularia -Small, velvety gray/green mounds with loose flesh, but forming a nice matting colony. Excellent groundcover and miniature garden plant. Use with Jovibarba and other hardy outdoor succulents.
Hardiness Zone 5-9  3 ” pots $5.00 
Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldstorm’ (Black-eyed Susan) dependable and long-lived. Single golden daises with deep brown cones blooms July-Oct. Zn 4
3.5 ” pots $5.00 

All plants can be picked up at my place given notice. Hope to see you soon. The Google Map..



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