Gladiolus tristus

What don’t you understand?  in an explanation of a long distance wooing.

The tall wands of firm slender stems
or the delicate cream-white blossoms
that are like wind-bells of the night playing in natures restless breezes.

Maybe ‘they aren’t easy’ and need courtly care.
They can however with proper nurturing become sassy boisterous
clumps … and their fragrance simply overwhelming.

Even one blossom, even one night is an inspiration.
This is a flower one has to work for.

“Positive names and promises of glory?” Such is life!

To swirl and to swoon and even bats got to fly … the complete
sensualist always did wonder about the pollinator of this one.

… And if her foliage droops and withers away in summer, perhaps it’s just
deliberate to provide her owner for additional vacation time. 

dedicated to Debbie
(c) 1993 Herb Senft

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