Re-born as a tree

 Tree (landscape)
Whether you believe in Reincarnation or think you will be standing before St. Peter’s Gate, please read this article and take this poll.

I will skip the obvious question such as would you like to come back as the same gender or try the other one on.

Instead I assumed that I did not make it back as a human at all, but as a plant or other animal. Considering loss and extinction of flora, God may simply decide that coming back as an animal is off the table.

Failing that order of animal re-incarnation, we are left the plant world. Am I to be an Oak, a Eucalypti or a Willow? Or am I doomed to be a sub-shrub? A Mahonia or God forbid as a short lived weed.To make it simple I defaulted to a few tree packages I rather like. If you can, please add a comment afterwards. Plug your own favorite tree or plug me for a choice I did not make! Magnolia or American Chestnut come to mind. Just remember:

THE TREE OF LIFE IS FULL OF LIMBS. With that in mind I give you TWO choices.

The Tree I would most be comfortable being

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I would also love it if you would add some personal plug for the tree. A song, memory or explanation for your choice. I will add two of my own.
I was unable to find a link to ‘Saguaro’ by Ry Cooder  but I do have his albums … Put it in on and listen all day.
I still remember him performing at the Catalyst in Santa Cruz. Warm memories.Since I also picked “I am so scrumptious’ Kate Wolf ‘The Lilac and and the Apple tree.’  A singer who left this realm far to early.

(C) Herb Senft 2015
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  1. Not really covered but this question could equally apply to the Green Burial movement and which tree would you like to nourish.
    I forget the person but a famous Scottish botanist had a Chestnut planted over his grave. That university did the right thing by him.

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