Thoughts on the Corona Virus and is it really SO unexpected?

Just saying, more and more virus awakenings are popping up like MERS  or Camel pox. Drinking camels milk was certainly done before.
So, why now?

One reason being the industrialization of livestock, cattle, pigs, chickens whatever.  (and the growing density of the human population in regions that were jungle before.)There is little diversity in most animal husbandry, but plenty of crowding and nowadays you have lakes of slop to dispose of.

Similarly we have come to importing raw meat from other countries like China and having a dysfunctional or criminally negligent inspection program that does not oversee its safety.Mix that with antibiotics (seafood, not to be forgotten… including shrimp)… we are doing many things to our foods that is going to come back to bite us.

I for one don’t give much of a damn. The planet will sigh when we are gone. I suspect we might have some time left, but thinking of a 300 or even 100 years is wishful thinking unless we change drastically.

Throw in the new food irradiation we use. It extends the shelf life of the product, but bacteria can still survive and of course might mutate for that extra glow.Europe once again leads in a conservative approach, only spices can be irradiated. In Brazil anything goes.

Many countries like Canada just began allowing that treatment for meat, all seafood, shellfish etc. Potatoes and such are commonly irradiated just to prevent sprouting. The good news is that your ground beef will look nice and pink even while it is rotting.

Anyway, my concern is to remind everyone of the plight of the homeless, the paraplegic or handicapped who may lose their caregiver. The prisoner who has not even been charged with a crime (warrants) and yet might be facing a death sentence. Moreover, in the war zones we still have a million refugees with little access to soap and water.

Their nightmares are just about to begin. Yet in America we have the teenagers who spit and cough on produce for the joy of putting their exploit on U tube. Gun purchases are rising.

Our grandparents survived WW1, the Great Depression and the Spanish Flu, but they were a much, much different American. I hope and pray that we wake up soon and change as a culture.

An interesting aside also is the financial side to this. Will Americans become more careful with debt in the future or will it be buy as usual?
Another question mark, will other primates be affected by this. Unfortunately the answer is yes. Gorilla’s for one are very prone to lung and flu infections. It seems that they too will be affected.

And then we have a most sensible column. “We are entering the age of tribal override, the time when our species will begin to operate as one, as a human hive, working across the planet as a member of a living community of species and not as a destructive parasite.”

and here is another link to this stressful times.

Sadly Native Americans continue to be ignored or is it something else?  This Administration wanted to give ZERO to the Tribes out of this 2 Trillion stimulus bill, Republicans also worked hard to scale back direct relief for Native Americans.  Thankfully Tom Udall and other Democrats worked hard to retrieve something. For Shame!!!

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Thoughts on the Corona Virus and is it really SO unexpected? — 4 Comments

    Dear Herb:

    Amidst everything you said above the following really got to me:

    “Anyway, my concern is to remind everyone of the plight of the homeless, the paraplegic or handicapped who may lose their caregiver. The prisoner who has not even been charged with a crime (warrants) and yet might be facing a death sentence. Moreover, in the war zones we still have a million refugees with little access to soap and water.”

    Thank you for addressing this unseen population. I am profoundly isolated, and was making every effort to change this about my life as this is piercingly painful, but I am in my 50’s. I had already given much thought to people older than myself losing a spouse, in much worse shape, and starting to look for them in society.

    You have brought up the continuum — those not even able to survive without a caregiver. Thank you for bringing them to our thoughts. This is devastating nightmare to consider, as it has been to hear about the people having to dye in hospitals alone TODAY as their loved ones cannot be brought into the hospital for fear of contamination.

    You are a very thoughtful person and I hope to meet you oneway soon if I move to Sequim. Thank you.

  2. There are many people that this is tougher on than others, both mentally and physically. Be it in the farming communities of Florida or the poor areas of Brazil or Santiago Chile
    Today on the news they showed a family of 9 living in a 40 m. 2 bdrm. apartment in a poor area of Santiago that just went under full quarantine. Most Americans cannot even imagine such crowding. It is the same in some of our Native American communities.

    I am fortunate to be used to being alone… so this is no biggie for me. I am far more worried about mates who may not stand each other or even be under the threat of domestic violence. We will see a lot of negative outcomes to this forced living together.

    Not often mentioned would be the issue of those already depressed and or say autistic individuals who cannot help the ‘touching out to others.’ Lots of issues yet to be dealt with. Recovering addicts are another group I worry about.

    Unlike myself, not all are fortunate to have clean water, sun or even fresh air. That may be the ticket. Remember also,, the huge fatalities in New York are much related to side factors like obesity, pre-existing conditions, the damn subways and of course the normal pollution of the big city.

    SOME of the stats from countries simply are hard to fathom. I do think this will be a long time to clear up. Remember that the Spanish Flu had three repeat performances and it did not affect cats, dogs and even tigers.

    The adaptability to different hosts is frightening… and each may be a vector of a new strain. The cynic in me does fear further state ID banding and surveillance, like Homeland Security that evolved after 9/11 and never left. We may have to be wearing swatches proving ourselves ‘clear,’ the elderly especially. Until a vaccine comes along that works we may have to be in semi quarantine ‘for our own protection’ until 2021.

    The now accepted police state will grow. Long term monitoring indeed (courtesy of Apple and Google probably) until a vaccine is developed but what will the social cost be?

  3. Another GOOD idea about masks!!! Just driving to get gas, I noticed that near our Safeway most people were not wearing masks or gloves. At QFC employees are NOT wearing them … not so at the CO-OP … they have great protection. Hence, no shopping at a Kruger store.

    I’ll bet more people would wear them if they had the logo of their political party or their favorite sports team on them!


    Here is a full reaction to it. IRRESPONSIBLE is an understatement IMO.

    “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out, in a minute,” Trump said. “Is there a way we can do something like that? By injection, inside, or almost a cleaning, ’cause you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs. So it would be interesting to check that. You’re going to have to use medical doctors, right? But it sounds interesting to me.”

    Glad I have some of those big buckets to stick my head in. Still have that sheep disinfectant and maybe add a dash of chlorine.
    That should get my lungs squeaky clean.

    Think instead we need a perfusion for the US media that continues to air his crap sometimes 2 hours a day. Hell, he speaks 4X the amount of his primary medical support team, though that Dr. Brix is sounding or looking a lot like V.P Pence.

    Gee … that ultraviolet and sunlight idea sure sounds encouraging. Might even have to buy one of those UV- C units!!! So what if I go blind and my skin sloughs off?.

    A few real doctors commented:
    “Any amount of bleach or isopropyl alcohol or any kind of common household cleaner is inappropriate for ingestion even in small amounts. Small amounts are deadly,” Gupta said.

    Online, others doctors reacted with horror.

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