Winter Hummingbird News

Ah such a nice morning visit.
It is some 20ish degrees outside and a hummingbird just fed off one of my roses attempting to bloom.
On overwintering hummers don’t forget they get a lot of protein from small bugs.
Nectar feeders provide for carbohydrates, but they also need protein, especially in the Spring while feeding their babies. You may also see them raiding spider nests for food. Both they and Bees get protein from pollen as well.

One aesthetically unpleasing tip being that you place overripe fruit near your hummingbird feeder. The old banana, whatever. Put it into a mesh bag to bird proof it. Fruit flies will come and they will serve as as snack protein for hummers.´╗┐We had a not unexpected cold front come through and I missed seeing my Anna’s. Just the next day I say one harvesting the ‘deadhead’ remains of some Japanese Anemone fluff. *To build nests!* Sometimes, in our being ‘NEAT and TIDY’ our gardens become wildlife deserts.

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