A reflection on life and weeds

When leaves drop from the tree in their autumnal plays,
I think so go friends of my earlier more spring like days.
As do tender plants withdraw into the warmth of Mother Earth,
We forget the sap of maintenance that sparks again this dormant hearth.
For what’s laid deeply against Winter’s naked closing frost;
Sleeps gently untroubled, knowing friendships can never be lost.”

(c) Herbert Senft 1985


“Did you enjoy your party?” I was asked regarding a special day in October.

YES! My friend Eleanor was totally and awesomely feasted by her garden club and they created a book of her many poetic and reflective writings. Having been interacting with her and her daughter since 86 and mentioned, it was with great pleasure that I took one home. She may be leaving but I remain behind to take care of her garden until it sells.

 The club even named their city park log cabin after her and will put up a brass plaque giving credit to said building, as Eleanor’s cabin. Her daughter Bobbi, was blown away by the kindness and generosity of the members. She addressed the the group and reflected that in all her life she had never seen such an outpouring of help and support for her MOM.
I replied: “Because she was the seed to what this club would become.”  The  following poem reflects the reverences she had for all life including the insect as well as the weed.
Sometimes ones head gets filled up with words and one runs into the house to write them down. The following poem was her reflection on weeds and perhaps a thank you for them growing so nice.


Weeds, weeds, Wonderful Weeds,
Oh, my goodness, how you seed.
You put yourself here and there,
I’ve even found you in my hair.

You great me – day by day,
Whenever I go out to play.
Even though the day before
I know I pulled you up galore.

You place yourself proudly about.
It makes us Gardeners rant and shout.
Whatever am I going to do?
Will I ever get rid of you?

Of course, you won’t. Why do you try?
We’re going to win by and by.
We are experts at hiding in just the right places
And watch as Gardeners, with glee on their faces.
Think they have rid us of all of their spaces.

And when we are ready and our seeds are just right,
We toss them about – what a wonderful sight.
So Gardeners, just relax and don’t fuss.
You’ll never succeed – there’s too many of us.

By the Weeds and Me, © Eleanore Garthwaite.

It was incredible that the club put together all her musings and reflections. What better legacy could they ever have done?

The gardens that we plant and nurture are a good reflection of the health and depth of our hearts and souls. Some communities and relationships are like gardens. Some are naturally better endowed, others are simply better planned and some shine more brightly simply because they began with less and had to struggle.
eleanoreand lillies
All the above apply to Eleanore. In her special way she educates and mentors in the most constructive sense of the word. Now she belongs to a new community and new opportunities. So, both she and I would implore you to reach out and help others do the same. May your evolving gardens be as rich in connections as collections. The picture's above are what you might expect but this and the roller-blades is how I see her.

Eleanore hula hoop
I end with an article on her and her daughter Christina, with a link to an earlier remembrance of a five star-day, a garden project and a final link to a bird story, Tina and the Seagull.

© Herbert Senft Oct.11, 2015









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