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Something Special is still needed here
This inmate is still waiting to hear “Love me Tender

Herb, is that poor bird really alive?  People who torture and maim animals should have the same done to them … eye for an eye … we adopted two cats yesterday … brothers … they had been abandoned by some swine in the woods a week after they were born … who does stuff like that?  They should rot in a hole somewhere for their barbarity, and probably will once they depart this plane ... “

Regarding the bird. Yes, that is often a case of neglect and abuse and I have seen too much of that. Birds such as these are ‘cute’ until they hit puberty and get hormonal. Then you get into all sorts of issues and many people just give away their problem children to others even less capable of caring for them. Some just put them out into the snow. (Like your cats abandoned in the woods.)  I suspect that Oscar has a non-curable disease. Was it stress related?  Who knows? All I can attest to is that there are FEW vets around who treat birds. One has to drive hundreds of miles to find one, should the bird have problems. Yet the pet stores, puppy mills and yes bird mills continue to grind them out. Florida charges 50.00 to license such sites, yet provides no supervision for what they license.

Yipes. I guess this post will go towards the releasing of exotic pets into the wild. Pythons, Lion Fish etc. Do a search on the latter and see how they have exploded into the Caribbean. Somewhere there is a link showing their rate of increase in the last decade – Bahamas, and now into the gulf. First release points being near Miami.

A forward from a Port Angeles rescue person. (JAN) There are so many bird lovers and, if each of us ” …”. gave even just a few dollars and sent it to the Alex Foundation, we could quickly and easily help replace some of those funds that are no longer available through the usual agencies and help her hit the magic $10,000 number that will then be doubled.  It’s amazing what a flock of bird lovers might do for agencies like  the World Parrot trust. that has been supporting the unique work of Project Bird Watch and which is encouraging the protection of key Moluccan Cockatoo habitat. All of these folks would welcome your support. I also include Jan in this as she is disabled and takes care of these birds in P.A. — driving over 100 miles to see a bird Vet as we have none in our County.

“Thank you all for being “bird people”…some of the most special beings in the world…and hug all your feathered family members for me” – from Chris Davis a friend of  Karen Allen   The Parrot Lady at  Birds & and More

I enjoyed your “Humble Home” blog. Just the smallest side-note, as to, “…just a reminder that all the above are God’s creatures and that he did give us dominion over them.”  Naaahhh… not until Genesis had been rewritten and re-sculpted to fit Man’s own desires to rule everything.   “רָדָה” honestly doesn’t appear in any of the earliest texts – it wasn’t “dominion over the fowls and fishes” which God granted mankind; He appointed mankind as “שמש” according to many early texts – “caretakers” or “stewards” if you prefer.  “רָדָה” connotes conquering, and 1:26~ tells Man(kind) to tame (not conquer nor rule) the earth, though in the earliest scrolls, the Aramaic noun is the same used in Titus 1:7 (“overseer” or “steward)

You are the first person who returned to the Aramaic. Aramaic is barely a spoken language anymore and all the original texts were in Aramaic, translated into Hebrew, then Greek and then to other languages. I totally agree with the term stewards as would many. That said, many conservative Presbyterian and other creeds believe in the word dominion denoting ownership and control.
Dozens of homeless parrots wait patiently for new homes at the Parrot Outreach Society in Punta Gorda.

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