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This will be the page leading to  articles I have written to chirp one up. Please save this site. If you have something to contribute please get in touch with me. Some of these articles (**) are re-directs to an older website – something I am correcting. Same for the layout. ‘Plants for sale’ are put on hold for now.


A Mollusk fights back.
Animal Stories
A sad horse ridding experience
Beware of pigs
Big Red – my misadventures with going country
Bugs and moles
Bird Stories 
Color Moods in the garden **
Creation story
Dog unfriends man on Facebook  Link
Dinner on Doomsday
The Three Items DOOMSDAYER’s Purchase
Feng  Shui
Feng Shui rebuttal **
Jesus sermon u-tube link
Martha Stewart
Flower Meanings and Courtship  **
Funny Video

Please leave a comment with a link for your own suggestions!

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