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This will be the page leading to  articles I have written to chirp one up. Please save this site. If you have something to contribute please get in touch with me. Some of these articles (**) are re-directs to an older website – something I am correcting. Same for the layout. ‘Plants for sale’ are put on hold for now.


A Mollusk fights back.
Animal Stories
Astrological Beekeeping 
A sad horse ridding experience
Beware of pigs
Big Red – my misadventures with going country
Bugs and moles
Bird Stories 
Color Moods in the garden
Creation story
Dog unfriends man on Facebook  Link
Dinner on Doomsday
The Three Items DOOMSDAYER’s Purchase
Feng  Shui
Feng Shui rebuttal **
Jesus sermon u-tube link
Martha Stewart
Flower Meanings and Courtship  **
Funny Video

Please leave a comment with a link for your own suggestions!

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