Plants beginning with the letter M

A beginning of Garden plants for sale  in 2021

Plants will vary in price and container size Some will only be available during dormancy – late Fall or early Spring — and will be updated this winter. Seed or plant exchanges are always welcome!

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chocolate mint Mentha aquatica

Maackia amurensis (Amur Maackia) A rare, moderate-sized deciduous tree found growing wild in Russia. The large compound leaves emerge slate-blue in spring and age to dark green. In mid-summer an abundance of 4-6″ white flower spikes are produced throughout the canopy. Winter interest is by amber-bronze bark.  15.00

Mentha piperata  ‘Chocolate Mint’. One of my two favorite mints. Bronzy leaves and  low growing, Chocolate mint is a great peppermint with distinct chocolate overtones. This useful mint plant will add an extra sensory delight when infused into coffee or hot chocolate. Over 10 different mints to choose from.  $4.00 in 3″ Mentha Mentha aquatica, Water Mint is a perennial that grows in damp places and is native to much of Europe, northwest Africa and southwest Asia. The growing height is about 6″ above the water and the top of the plant should be just below the water surface. Full sun to shade. Lavender flowers and a strong minty fragrance.  $4.00 in 3″ pots Muscari aucheri types. Dark Blue as well as Valerie Finnis. pots. M. aucheri Dark Eyes yields  densely packed, perfectly formed, intensely sapphire-blue florets decorated with bright white rims above ample foliage clumps. It has a pale sweet fragrance.

$5.00 in 3″ pots

All plants can be picked up at my place given notice. Hope to see you soon. The Google Map..


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Plants beginning with the letter M — 2 Comments

    Hi Herb, Don’t know if you’d be interested but I just dug up a little over a pound of May apple tubers/roots from my garden where they are competing with my natives and trying to take over. They are so beautiful and remind me of my life in Wisconsin but are just spreading too much. There is way more to dig but I’ve only got that much so far. You can email me back and let me know if you’d like them. I hate to compost them if someone else would enjoy them. Nancy Field, Woodcock Road

    • Nancy. Thanks so much for thinking of me. I would love some. Sorry not to have responded sooner.
      So much to do. Anytime! But if you can make it on a Saturday that is a guarantee I am here.

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