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Plants will vary in price and container size Some will only be available during dormancy – late Fall or early Spring — and will be updated this winter. Seed or plant exchanges are always welcome!

Due to PayPal’s inability to handle and charge appropriate fees for multiple combinations I decided to re-edit all my listings to a ‘plant cost only.’  At the bottom of each listing page will be three shipping alternatives.

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Galanthus nivalis and hybrids

G. Mighty Atom

The drooping white flowers of G. nivalis, the common snowdrop are familiar to most. Less well known are the dozens or more varieties that include doubles or larger flowered forms. The second picture is is of the cultivar ‘Mighty Atom’ snowdrops. These plants are in 3.5 inch pots and can be shipped in the Fall! Price is $4.95 and shipping. [wpepsc name=”Galanthus ‘Mighty Atom'” price=”4.95″]

Some background and history. John Gray was a well-known British snowdrop enthusiast and who’s garden contained some extremely fine and unnamed snowdrops. When he died in 1952, some of the finest plants passed to E.B. Anderson (another great hybridizer), who made a special attempt to collect them. Thanks to his efforts one clump was to be named John Gray and remains distinct to this day. T Plant with early blooming primroses, Cyclamen couem or Iris reticulata — purples esp. Hardiness z 5  Bloom: Feb. March Light: Excellent for sun or in part shade which gives me a segue to cyclamen.

Feeling Blue – Grow Gentians!

 Gentiana acaulis ‘Holzmann’ Awesome large dark blue upward facing trumpets! In bloom now and in one gallon cans. $16.95.  Best shipped in fall (in a large flat rate box) as they are in blossom. (This is a picture of one of my own G. aucalus clumps. Holzmann has larger flowers. Zn3 [wpepsc name=”Gentiana acaulis ‘Holzmann” price=”16.95″]

Gentiana acaulis ‘Undulatifolia’ is much the same but of a lighter color and is $15.95. 1 qt. containers that can be shipped in a medium flat rate box for $12.50 or the larger flat rate box..[wpepsc name=”Gentiana acaulis ‘Undulatifolia'” price=”15.95″]

gentian under maple
 Gentiana acaulis  These are well established 3.5 inch pots and might bloom this fall. Dark blue upward facing trumpets! $4.95 Temp. Not available  (Four plants can fit in ONE medium flat rate box) (One picture of one of my own G. aucalus clumps used as a ground cover under a red Japanese maple. G. ‘Holzmann’ has larger flowers.   Zn3 [wpepsc name=”Gentiana acaulis 3.5″ price=”4.95″] I potted these up into gallons so the price would be $6.95  [wpepsc name=”Gentiana acaulis 1 gal.” price=”6.95″]
Goodyera oblongifolia  (Rattlesnake Plantain) Interesting native widespread in our forest lands. Deep leaf litter and shade of moist or dry coniferous or mixed woods. Blooming now (insignificant) these are in 3.5 inch pots and are $4.95.  (This is a picture of it growing under Douglas Fir, well surrounded by moss. Zn 6-9 [wpepsc name=”Goodyera oblongifolia” price=”4.95″]

One of these must be chosen before I can ship.

[wpepsc name=”Single purchase” price=”7.95″]1 plant (Single purchase) $7.95
Up to 4 plants in a Medium Flat rate box $12.95 [wpepsc name=”Medium flat rate box” price=”12.95″]
Up to 6 plants in a large flat rate box $16.95 [wpepsc name=”Large flat rate box” price=”16.95″]
All plants can be picked up at my place given notice. Hope to see you soon. The Google Map..

All plants can be picked up at my place given notice.

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