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A beginning of Garden plants for sale in 2015

Plants will vary in price and container size Some will only be available during dormancy – late Fall or early Spring — and will be updated this winter. Seed or plant exchanges are always welcome!

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Jovibarba heuffelii (yohv-ih-BAR-ba | heff-EL-ee-eye) are beautiful cold hardy and drought tolerant succulents with varying rich colors that may change by the season. They multiply from offsets which you cut with a knife to propagate. If left alone, the plants form lovely, large clumps and do not multiply on stolons as Sempervivum do. When you want to increase the numbers you cut them in pieces (on the dry side) and replant.These sempervivum relatives are cold hardy to USDA Zone 4 -20° to -30°F.
H. BEACON HILL Jovibarba hirta Bulgarien H. bronze Ingot
Jovibarba heuffelii ‘Beacon Hill’
‘Beacon Hill’ combines rosy-purple and gray-green on its satiny leaves.  $7.00 for a 3.5 inch pot
Jovibarba heuffelii ‘Apache‘. Pictured above! Sea-green and violet leaves edged with frosty white hairs.  3.5 inch pots $7.00 . Jovibarba hirta Bulgarian Attractive and more Sempervivum like species. The multiple  purple globes in winter open to deep red and green in spring and summer. $7.00  Jovibarba heuffelii ‘Bronze Ingot’ One of my favorites! Smooth light-green leaves with a purplish stain at tips  that retains its colorization all year long. 7.00.
H. Purple Haze
Jovibarba heuffelii ‘Purple Haze’: Grey-green with muted purple leaves, edged with lime green. Really stands out  in any planting. $7.00 Manyt of these fit well working as the ground cover in  plantings of purple Aeonium and blue Senecio.

All plants can be picked up at my place given notice. Hope to see you soon. The Google Map..  Nursery is open on Saturday. Appointments only on other days. 9-4.




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Plants for Sale (J) — 1 Comment

  1. I just got an order for Jovibarba from Hawaii and I wrote the buyer my concerns.
    “Before shipping this off to you I will wait for a response regarding a few concern of mine.
    Hawaii may not be a good fit for this plant unless you are in one of the zones that get a cold period in winter.

    ​There are two issues. Although it is certainly cold hardy (Zn4) I am not sure about its survival in year long mild temps. Normally their colors vary from summer to winter, at times being more subdued, and other times much more intense. ​
    ​Cold brings out the intensity. You might be left without the full benefit of the winter coloration.
    Excessive rainfall may be an issue. Excellent drainage be it in the ground or in a pot would be necessary.
    Thirdly, the constant temp. might cause it to over-flower. When it does, it will die and not put out offshoots. Their is a trick here. basically neutering the plant by pricking out the very middle growth area before it can send up a flower. This would be done NOW.- and very carefully. Not to be done in rain as the wound would need to heal.

    All that said, I am ignorant of Hawaii and what might do well there. If ‘Hen and Chicks’ survive this will as well. They grow in Florida, but even Florida can have cold snaps.
    Echevaria might be a better choice for a ground cover or specimen plant. I can put on my thinking cap and see if I can come up with something else as well.
    Aloha … at least they would die warm.
    Might also have to bare-root things going to Hawaii. Plant inspections and all.

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