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Plants will vary in price and container size Some will only be available during dormancy – late Fall or early Spring — and will be updated this winter. Seed or plant exchanges are always welcome!

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Silver Squill — Ledebouria socialis syn. (Scilla violacea)
I have TWO different selections The names of these plants are ever changing. The difference between the former “Scilla violacea” and “Scilla socialis”. The old “Scilla violacea” is now correctly Ledebouria socialis ‘Violacea’ and always has the purple coloration on the underside of the leaves (although this can be fainter on plants in bad light). This is by far the commonest type seen in cultivation. The “original” green form now known as Ledebouria socialis has all green coloration on the undersides of the leaves. SOLD OUT

Lavandula lanata x angustifolia ‘Richard Grey’ (Lavender) Summertime dark violet flower spikes grace this aromatic, compact herb. White felted foliage adds interest. A good choice for a dry, hot spot in the garden.3.5 inch pots $5.00 ea.
Lewisia cotyledon makes an ideal rockery plant, or a wonderful specimen in a clay pot, tuffa planter. Well sited, single plants will life for 10 years or longer in ideal conditions and will reseed easily. Seedlings with good care can reach flowering potential in less than 3 years. 3.5 inch pots $5.00 ea 

Lewisia cotyledon ‘Alba’ (Bitter Root) Sparkling pure white flowers grace this succulent-leafed alpine for rockery or trough garden. It prefers partial sun and fast drainage. Poor,Well-drained,Tolerates Sandy,Tolerates Rocky, Not particular . 3.5 inch pots $5.00 ea

Lewisia x longipetala ‘Little Mango’ (Bitterroot) Small, evergreen rosettes of large, succulent leaves become covered by clusters of yellow-orange mango colored blooms in spring. Excellent in containers, the border or a rock garden.. 3.5 inch pots $5.00 ea 

Lewisia regenbogon

Lewisa regenbogon


Lewisia c. Regenbogen Mixture of rainbow -based flower colors on a compact succulent – leaved alpine preferring semi-shade and fast drainage. Blooms May to August. In larger pots $7.95 and med. flat rate shipping. (NOTE- Only two can be safely shipped with two 3.5″ plants added.)Zn 4.[wpepsc name=”Lewisia c. Regenbogen” price=”7.95″] New crop of 3.5 inch pots of Rainbow mix $5.00ea. SOLD OUT

 Libertia peregrinans200sq
Libertia peregrinans (Copper/Orange Libertia) – is an interesting and colorful rhizomatous perennial related to Iris with stiffly upright foliage to just under 2 feet tall.The narrow, strikingly colored leaves would be a perfect foil for taller Agapanthus (2016) in the background. Native to N.Z. it does well in coastal Washington to CA and is hardy to the the 17 F. range. With snow cover it would come back from colder temperatures.  $6.00f or a 3.5 inch pot.SOLD OUT 


Lunaria Honesty Variegated Money Moonwort

Spring would not be the same without biennials to fill in the color gaps and this one is exceptional.
Green and white splashed leaves accent scented violet colored flowers. Plant once and let it reseed freely around your garden! 

Leycestaria formosa (Himalayan Honeysuckle

Cherished by birds and gardeners alike, these deciduous, hollow-stemmed Himalayan shrubs bestow a long lasting floral and berry spectacle that extends until frost. Undemanding in any fertile soil, Leycesteria’s tall stalks appreciate an extra thick layer of winter mulch in colder climates, where they may die to the ground, but will rapidly leap skyward in the spring.

Blooms late July–October

Size: 6′ 0″ high x 4′ 0″ wide.

Zone 6/7.


All plants can be picked up at my place given notice. Hope to see you soon. The Google Map..

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