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 vine maple
Acer circinatum “Jim’s Red’ These are seedlings of a beautiful red foliaged vine maple I came across. Rather than the normal green here is a luminous, red quality to the foliage color of this Acer circinatum cultivar that deepens as summer progresses. $5.00 for one 3.5″ pot. plus shipping. If bare rooted I can ship two plants in one box. Late fall ONLY! Zn 6-7  [wpepsc name=”Acer circinatum Jim’s Red ” price=”5.00″]

 maple leaves
Acer circinatum ” (Native Vine Maple) Spreading  multi-trunked smaller maple species great for landscapes and possibly short lived bonsai. A Northwest native it is appreciated for its fiery early autumn color. $9.95 for one gallon plants plus $15.95 shipping. If bare rooted I can ship two plants in one box. Late fall ONLY! Zn 6-7 [wpepsc name=”Acer circinatum” price=”15.95″]

Acer buergeranum  (Trident Maple) A smaller maple species (some are multi-trunked) with attractive scaly bark. Colorul autumn leaves Excellent patio specimen or bonsai subject.   $9.95 for one gallon plants plus $15.95 shipping.  Late fall ONLY!  Zn 5-8 [wpepsc name=”Acer buergeranum ” price=”15.95″]
Allium senescens var. ‘Glaucum’, known as curly allium, has very attractive foliage made up of fine blue-gray blades that form a swirling pattern. Pink flowers in the summer. Sun and drought tolerant.3.5 inch pots for $5.95 and shipping. [wpepsc name=”Allium senescens glaucum” price=”5.95″]
anemone-nemorosa bracteata fl.plena
Anemone nemerosa ‘Bracteata Pleniflora‘ is a curiously beautiful variety of the creeping woodland perennial. The flowers are semi-double with a fringy ruff of sepals behind them. Many of the sepals have white variegation.3.5 inch pots for $5.95 and summer-fall shipping. [wpepsc name=”Anemone bracteata fl.pleno” price=”5.95″]
anemone nemersoa blue
Anemone nemerosa (blue) is a delightful spring groundcover ethat gives cheer to the shady garden. They increase by rhizomes and are dormant during much of the year. The well-divided foliage has a soft airy and is topped by inch-wide soft blue flowers.3.5 inch pots for $5.95 and summer- fall shipping. [wpepsc name=”Anomone nemerosa blue” price=”5.95″]
Anemone nemerosa ‘Flore Pleno’ is a groundcover work horse that blooms freely every spring and gives light to a shade or pt. shade garden. It increases by rhizomes and goes dormant during the summerr. The well-divided foliage is attractive and the flowers are double white. 3.5 inch pots and summer- fall ship for $5.95 and shipping. [wpepsc name=”Anomone nemerosa flore pleno” price=”5.95″]
I would also trade for: Anemone ranunculoies (yellow) or Anemone nemerosa Vestal’

Arum italicum (Italian Arum)  Pt.Sh.  Glossy green leaves marbled with silver appear in late winter. Flowers are interesting and are followed by upright stalks of bright orange-red berries in summer. (Caution; berries are toxic) Forms spreading clumps and is interesting planted with Hellebores. May go summer dormant. Hardiness Zone 6  4 ” pots $3.95  and shipping. On HOLD Till Fall.  We have had such a topsy turnvy mile winter it stayed evergreen but now is going dormant. ?? In all climates, foliage goes dormant in summer. That is usual, but in MAY?  Best grown in medium moisture, consistently moist, humusy, organically rich soils in part shade to full shade. [wpepsc name=”Arum italicum ” price=”3.95″]

Aruncus dioicia ’dwarf form’ (Goat’s Beard)  Pt.Sh.  A fantastic native with large, fine-textured feathery blooms in late Spring. Though closely related to Spiraea, goat’s beard more closely resembles a giant Astilbe. When happy, Aruncus can be a formidable garden plant, reaching a spread of 6 feet or more. It is lovely when used at woods edge and it can provide a dense screen beneath a high canopy. This selection is half that height. Hardiness Zone 5-9  4 ” pots $5.95  and shipping. [wpepsc name=”Aruncus dioicia ’dwarf form” price=”5.95″]
Artemisia absinthium ‘Lambrook Silver’ Wormwood is a wonderful addition to any garden. Silver gray aromatic foliage is slightly hairy. ‘Lambrook Silver’ Wormwood is drought tolerant and deer resistant. Cultivated for it’s deeply divided lovely foliage this Artemisia does not run, but forms a woody stem from which cascade boldly cut silver leaves, followed by long sprays of yellow mimosa-like flowers. Hardiness Zn 2-9. Grown in 4″ pots, best sent in the Fall. $4.95 ea. and  shipping.[wpepsc name=”Artemisia absinthium ‘Lambrook Silver'” price=”4.95″]

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All plants can be picked up at my place given notice. Hope to see you soon. The Google Map..

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