Trees available now and in fall.

Plants will vary in price and container size Some will only be available during dormancy – late Fall or early Spring — and will be updated this winter. Seed or plant exchanges are always welcome!

Due to PayPal’s inability to handle and charge appropriate fees for multiple combinations I decided to re-edit all my listings to a ‘plant cost only.’  At the bottom of each listing page will be three shipping alternatives.

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MORETREES Available in 2016

 vine maple
Acer circinatum “Jim’s Red’ These are seedlings of a beautiful red foliaged vine maple I came across. Rather than the normal green here is a luminous, red quality to the foliage color of this Acer circinatum cultivar that deepens as summer progresses. $5.00 for one 3.5″ pot. plus shipping. If bare rooted I can ship three plants in one box. Late fall ONLY! Zn 6-7 [wpepsc name=”Acer circinatum Jim’s ” price=”5.00″]

 maple leaves
Acer circinatum ” (Native Vine Maple) Spreading  multi-trunked smaller maple species great for landscapes and possibly short lived bonsai. A Northwest native it is appreciated for its fiery early autumn color. $9.95 for one gallon plants plus large flat rate shipping. If bare rooted I can ship two plants in one box. Late fall ONLY! Zn 6-7 [wpepsc name=”Acer circinatum – one plant” price=”9.95″]

Acer buergeranum ” (Trident Maple) A smaller maple species (some are multi-trunked) with attractive scaly bark. Colorul autumn leaves Excellent patio specimen or bonsai subject.   $9.95 for one gallon plants plus large flat rate shipping. If bare rooted I can ship two plants in one box. Late fall ONLY!  Zn 5-8 [wpepsc name=”Trident Maple” price=”9.95″]

Acer Japonicum – Japanese Maple.Three year plants that are perfect for planting. #1 gallon pots for 7.00. Best delivered in the Fall and pinch back lightly in the spring.1 gal. 7.00.

Cercidiphylum  japonicum (Katsura Tree) Hardy and distinctive. Heart shaped leaves that turn apricot-orange in autumn. Plant a threesome just to be different.

Coggygia var. pururea Purple Smoke tree. Exceptional deep purple leaves which hold color throughout summer. 1 gal plants 7.00



Ginkgo biloba brings back memories of my High School in Oakland. In the front entrance there were three trees, that must have been amongst the first planted in California.The tree trunk is erect and the branches form a dense crown when old. The bark is gray and very cracked. Leaves are fan-shaped and yellowish green. The Fall foliage was simply unforgettably GOLD. To this day I still remember sitting on golden cushions during lunch break.This ancient tree has survived many extinctions and charms us with its unique fan (duckfoot-shaped leaves and butter-yellow to brilliant gold fall color. It is very tolerant of urban pollution and thus I suggest this tree merits greater use. It is for large gardens only! These plants are a vigorous three feet tall! $9.00 for a 1 gal. can.  Will need large flat rate shipping.[wpepsc name=”Gingko biloba” price=”9.00″]
 Black Walnut
Juglans nigra (Eastern Black Walnut) A North American tree with dark-coloured timber and bark, black walnut produces timber and edible nuts (seeds) used in confectionery.  70-100 ft. tall and Self pollinating  Zones 4-8 These are in large 2-3 gallon containers and would have to be bare rooted in late fall for shipping. $9.95 and large flat rate shipping.[wpepsc name=”Black Walnut” price=”9.95″]
Dawn Redwood
The Dawn Redwood is a deciduous conifer native to China. Thought to have been extinct for millions of years this plant was found growing in a few isolated sites in China in the 1940s. The dawn redwood is a very hardy upright growing tree. It is fast growing at 4 to 6 feet per year and makes for a good lumber tree as well. Plant a forest of them! I planted over a hundred Giant Sequoia on a forestation project here in Sequim, WA. They have really taken off, so will these. PLANTING INFO …… Grows to about 120 ft. Light requirements: some shade to full sun. Cold hardy to Zn 5-8  I gal. plants 7.0.


The Garry Oak can actually be considered as one of the most beautiful choices as a shade tree. Though slow growing, it casts only moderate shade and has a very deep and well-behaved root system. Large specimens can be 75-100 feet height with trunks up to five feet in diameter. These trees can be 500 years old, and even smaller trees only 30 feet high can be 200 years old. The other native oak in the Northwest is the California Black Oak. Q. kellogii Though faster growing, it is shorter lived, but as they will live some 200 or 300 the gardener should have little reason to complain. The Garry Oak will grow some 40 to 90 feet height with a spread to match. It is not for the small garden. It’s deep root system makes it a wonderful tree to plant rhododendrons under, or other native plants. The shade cast is a filtered one so it is a great choice for such plantings. I am offering 4-5 year old trees that are growing in two gallon cans for $9.95 and $15.95 and shipping. [wpepsc name=”Garry Oak” price=”9.95″]

giant sequioa 
Sequoia gigantea –Giant Sequoia 1 gal plants 8.00.   For large properties only. *A Sequim story. Where have all the Sequoias gone?

Bald cypress300
Taxodium distichum Baldcypress  2 gal. 7.00 This is is a durable deciduous. conifer that is adapted to climates far colder and soils far drier than those in its native environment. Its lumber is highly prized for its decay resistance. A worthy tree for use in reforestation in the PNW.
Sarcococca ruscifolia var chinensis300
 Sarcococca Ruscifolia Fragrant Sarcococca  1 gal. $7.00  and large flat shipping. In the P.N.W. I couldn’t live without this Fragrant Sarcococca.   The tiny flowersare easily overlooked but you can’t miss their scent. If you have a problem spot in dry, deep shade give this plant a try. It’s easy to grow, deer resistant and trouble free. Can get mites in dry climates. Winter fragrance is a welcome thing when its wet and gloomy. [wpepsc name=”Sarcococca” price=”7.00″].

One of these must be chosen before I can ship.[wpepsc name=”Single purchase” price=”7.95″]1 plant (Single purchase) $7.95

4-6 plants (Med. flat rate) $12.50 [wpepsc name=”Medium flat rate box” price=”12.95″]

6-9 plants (Lg. flat rate) $16.95 [wpepsc name=”Large flat rate box” price=”16.95″]

All plants can be picked up at my place given notice.

 More trees for 2016

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